Progressive Web App – PWA Roadshow

pwa roadshow Islam Zatary

This is a summary of PWA Roadshow video from Google Chrome developers, here is list of each video with summary: All about PWAs. Statistics (2017): 13% Mobile. => 87% Apps native. but 87%??? more predictable. easy to find on home screen. push notification. Native app is a big commitment in: Space Time Cost hints: 78% of time spent is in user’s top three apps. so, Progressive web app come to…

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Vujs documentation summary

vuejs islamzatary

Today i finished from Vuejs documentation and i summarised it as a tags to review it quickly.     The data and the DOM are now linked, and everything is now reactive. Directive: are prefixed with v- to indicate that they are special attributes provided by Vue and they apply special reactive behavior to the rendered DOM. v-bind directive, EX:: v-bind:title to bind data into title attribute for element. Conditionl:: v-if…

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JavaScript ES5 Summary


This is the summary of ES5 as a tags summarized from Speaking Javascript Book.   Strict mode. Accessors(Getter & Setter). New Functios: Object.create() Object.getPrototypeOf() Object.defineProperty() Object.defineProperties() Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor() Object.keys() Object.getOwnPropertyNames() Object.preventExtensions() Object.isExtensible() Object.seal() Object.isSealed() Object.freeze() Object.isFrozen() Function.prototype.bind() New Methods: Array.isArray() Array.prototype.every() Array.prototype.filter() Array.prototype.forEach() Array.prototype.indexOf() Array.prototype.lastIndexOf() Array.prototype.reduce() Array.prototype.some() Date.prototype.toISOString() JSON.parse(). JSON.stringify(). Object.prototype.toJSON() and you can checked the Basic and Advanced topics also summarized from this Book: Javascript basics Advanced javascript

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Advanced Javascript as a Tags


This is the advanced in Javascript as a tags, summarized from Speaking Javascript Book.   ####################### Syntax ################# The normal (nonstrict) mode is sometimes called “sloppy mode.” Variables Must Be Declared in Strict Mode. in strict mode code, functions can only be declared at top level or immediately within another function. Due to strict mode, you get a warning when you accidentally forget new and call it as a function….

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Javascript Basics as a Tags


This is a Javascript basics as a tags, summarized from Speaking Javascript Book.   Primitive:: Numbers, Boolean, String, Undefined & Null Objects:: plain object, array, regular expression Primitive :: (immutable) Properties can’t be changed, added, or removed Objects :: (Mutable) change, add, and remove properties undefined means “no value.” Uninitialized variables are undefined null means “no object” undefined and null are considered false false, 0, NaN, and ” are also…

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Generate Charts/Widgets in smart way by angularjs – LegoCharts

LegoStyle Angualrjs Chart_Generator

  Live Demo. Dependencies: JQuery. AngularJS. D3JS. NVD3. LegoStyle CSS Framework. You want to generate chart with very dynamic parameters? You care about performance? You want to manage the chart size, colors, order, type, label and others from one place? Do you like angularjs framework? so you’ll love LegoCharts plugin, actually i created this plugin with love in Bayt(.)com and specialy in BCCs(Branded Career Channel) project to show a very…

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