Progressive Web App – PWA Roadshow

pwa roadshow Islam Zatary

This is a summary of PWA Roadshow video from Google Chrome developers, here is list of each video with summary: All about PWAs. Statistics (2017): 13% Mobile. => 87% Apps native. but 87%??? more predictable. easy to find on home screen. push notification. Native app is a big commitment in: Space Time Cost hints: 78% of time spent is in user’s top three apps. so, Progressive web app come to…

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Email Template For All Devices

Why Mobile First? Mobile is exploding, today’s smart phones are driving huge use of networked applications and Web content. Mobile forces you to focus, you have to prioritize because there simply isn’t room in a 320 by 480 pixel screen for extraneous, unnecessary elements. Mobile extends your capabilities. Building mobile first allows teams to utilize this full palette of capabilities to create rich context-aware applications instead of limiting themselves to…

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Bootstrap Framework

It’s a CSS framework and it’s developed by Twitter guys (@mdo & @fat), Check out Bootstrap on Github. Although i have a simple CSS framework using it with any new project as freelance or in projects, but after i found twitter bootstrap i am impressed for how can it help me, and its a weapon of choice for me for this reasons: Easy to work with. Streamline workflow and…

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