Lately, I have finished from present a training in advanced topics in HTML5 and CSS3 in collaborate with Prince Sumaya University, here is the main topics covered:

  1.  HTML4 Review.
  2. HTML5 Elements and Attributes.
  3. Advanced Topics in HTML5(Canvas, LocalStorage, AppCache, Drag&Drop, Web Worker, History Api, Geolocation, Web Sockets and FileSystem).
  4. Web Performance.
  5. Web Accessibility & Microdata.
  6. Web Design Approches(Resposnive, Adaptive, Fluid).
  7. Mobile touch events.
  8. The most important resources in front end development.


Here the Slides for each topic:

  1. HTML4 Review.
  2. HTML5 Overview.
  3. HTML5 Form.
  4. HTML5 Audio Video.
  5. HTML5 Canvas.
  6. HTML5 LocalSTorage.
  7. HTML5 AppCache
  8. HTML5 Drag and Drop.
  9. HTML5 Web Worker.
  10. HTML5 History Api.
  11. HTML5 Geolocation
  12. HTML5-Web-Sockets
  13. HTML5-FileSystem
  14. HTML5-Feature-Detection
  15. CSS3-part1
  16. CSS3-part2
  17. Microdata
  18. Web-Accessibility
  19. Web-Design-Approaches
  20. Web-Performance
  21. Events-Mouse-and-Keyboard-and-Touch
  22. Front-End-Resources

i hope those resources will help you to understand all HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and Javascript.

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  1. Osama

    Great job, very useful and interesting, Thank you a lot Islam.

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