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Day after day, as we are getting more drifted along what most people would call: “modernism”, I can’t help but to pause for a minute and ask myself, what are we missing on? And as soon as I widen my gaze beyond that, I find myself more tempted to look through our lost legacy of art and crafts, knowing how something was made and where it came to being, in other words, to learn the value of things, which is something I can sadly say we have been missing for a long time, and that’s why finding its way back to be reached again through the eBazaarShop was such a reviving idea for me.

What  is the eBazaarShop?

The eBazaarshop is the first and only website in the Middle East providing an ecommerce service and offering the best handmade products with the best quality and best prices, using the most sophisticated technologies available to make it easy and comfortable for all consumers to become a part of internet retail opportunities, which was supervised by the professionals, Nidal Qanadilo (Chief Coach) and Muhammad mnisi (SEO Specialist).


What does eBazaarShop aim for?

eBazaarShop was designed to break the growing gap between sellers and consumers and bring them all together online, as a unique way for bringing back the lost charm of the oriental legacy, with the hope that it will add its magical touch again into every corner, even though the regeneration of some crafts seemed to be dying soon because of a weak marketing, that people can no longer see the value of these items.

What makes eBazaarShop different and unique?

The reason why I see bright opportunities while scrolling through the website, is not only the value I found in the products, but the path it has provided for art and crafts producers to market their products through the eBazaarShop and help them be reached by the right consumers all over the world, which will make it the best place for you if you are into oriental ancient history.

What kind of products does the eBazaarshop provide?

The ebazaarShop provides the best and most valuable handmade products, from souvenir, gifts, antiques, arabis/moasic, oriental accessories, ceramic crafts, backgammon and chess board, tea boxes, craft seashell, sand art bottles and dead sea products. You can see the value of these products by knowing how they’ve been made from scratch and their origins through their online videos.

What payment methods does eBazaarShop provide?

To make it easier and more comfortable for buyers, eBazaarShop provided the best ways for delivery, so you can be easily reached no matter where you are with the product you desire through 3 options:

1-      Visa & master cards.

2-      Cash on delivery (available only in Jordan).

3-      Paypal.

And now I would like to pause for one more minute and ask myself again, what have we been missing on all along? Yes, a dead end that is now a wide open bright gate for talented producers and marketers to consumers in every spot of this world.

Finally, after a year of hard work, i finished it and released it on production.

Thanks God.

Islam AlZatary, Founder of eBazaarShop.com

Special thanks to Samar Saleh (Content Editor).

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