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Jordan – Amman

Email [email protected] 00962-79-6734599 islamzatary @islamzatary

Personal Information

Date of Birth: April 20th, 1986 Gender: Male Nationality: Jordanian Marital Status: Married


Al-Balqa Applied University, Salt-Jordan Major:BSc. in Computer Information System. Grade:Good – 2.84

Professional Experience

15 March, 2019 – Now .    Front End Development Manager @Bayt / Talentera ( product)

Job Description:

Leading the front end development for two projects:

  1. Talentera is a product of, which leads the job site market in the Middle East region, its a SaaS-based HR recruiting solutions and serve over 300 clients (Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise & Government), my responsibilities in two main parts:
    • Jobseeker side, we follow up directly with the client to ensure their brand is matched their parent website.
    • Employer/admin side, develop the reporting, forms management, widgets, dynamic view serving from the base template.
    • Focus on SEO, Responsive, UI/UX.
  2. evalufy is a product of, is an intuitive video assessment software that helps organizations make better and faster decisions on candidates by evaluating them via video and text responses.
    we started thinking of this product from October 2017 as a standalone platform, we used a Vuejs framework (ES6) with Vuetify CSS framework.

overall all responsibilities:

  The Team

  1. Lead a team of developers to successfully deliver projects with excellent quality standards, guidance on project-specific processes, procedures, training, tools & techniques.
  2. Lead a UX/UI Design team with support and guidance on project-specific processes, procedures, training, tools, techniques and review and prioritize backlog by ensuring it applied the requirements and to be ready for next technical iteration.
  3. Allocating tasks to staff & Ensuring the performance in a high standard.
  4. ensure that each team member gets the appropriate training.
  5. build team cohesion by encouraging the team to go outing, increase the engagement by doing a weekly session to discuss any topic technical/non-technical plus our monthly book club.
  6. ensure the team meets our KPI.
  7. Lead one Senior, one Intermediate and two Juniors front end developers, and Senior UX/UI designer.

  The Processes & Communication

  1. Communicate requirements with UX/UI designer, engineering, product managers & stakeholders.
  2. Planning for big ideas/projects & communicate requirements with technology, and agree on the Effort Estimation.
  3. I am coordinating in Four projects/iterations:
  4. 1. UI Pipeline comes from Talentera client’s needs and its a one-week iteration.
  5. 2. Roadmap items for big features for Talnetera and its a 2 weeks iteration.
  6. 3. Evalufy project(standalone) with 2 weeks iteration.
  7. 4. Design requirements (covered all the above three iterations requirements) and it’s a one-week iteration.
  8. Determine and provide estimates for development tasks.
  9. Work with stakeholders to build and deliver a great online experience for our customers.
  10. Integrate web properties with one another as well as with 3rd party sales, marketing, and authentication tools via available APIs.
  11. Experience using Agile (Scrum) Process and Agile tools, we use Jira & Deskpro as software


  1. Design, build and maintain custom module and theme development.
  2. Code Review.
  3. Eager to leverage new technologies.
  4. Provide technical assessment of the impact of any changes to product requirements.
  5. build tools from Scratch like (Legostyle [CSS framework], LegoCharts [Plugin to create charts] and Form Builder).
  6. Use CSS framework: LegoStyle (Hand coded).
  7. Use Javascript framework:
  8. 1. AngularJS in most of our projects (7 Features) and use it for more than 6 years.
  9. 2. Angular 2 for one feature
  10. 3. Vuejs for 3 features and I am working to upgrade all of the current features with Vuejs.
  11. Work on standalone projects under
    1. A mobile app using Ionic 3 called Upmeet but unfortunately removed from the store after 8 months.
    2. Video Assessment project using Vuejs & Vuetify (Material Design).

Jan 2016 – Mar 2019 .    Front End Engineer Team Leader, UI/UX & Mobile Solutions.

Jan 2015 – Dec 2015 .     Sr. Front End Engineer & Acting as a team leader.

Jun 2012 – Dec 2014 .   Sr. Front End Engineer.

Aug 2010 – Jun 2012  .  Front End Engineer.

01/December 2008 – 10/August/2010 “PHP Developer” at Rama Vision for Multimedia And Web Solutions

  1. Create Web Sites by Php language and MySQL Database.
  2. Slicing (interface design) from Photoshop Using Dreamweaver and combing it in the website structure or template engine.
  3. Create web sites using Content Management System, like :
    • Joomla.
    • WordPress.
    • Daulphin.
  4. Follow client’s requirements


  1. Love to learn and continuously read and share my knowledge
  2. Understand user behavior, and suggest changes to enhance its experience (UI/UX Sensibilities)
  3. Designing user experience
  4. Good enough with Photoshop.
  5. Good enough with Angularjs framework.
  6. Technical Reviewer: Jquery UI 1.10 Book.
  7. Understand Advance technology for web concept like CSS3 ,HTML5, Jquery-Mobile.
  8. Responsive Web Design and Fluid Emails (Mobile – look & feel).
  9. E-commerce (Magento).
  10. Social Media.
  11. Swimming, Driving, Football, Traveling.

Training Courses

Time Management, Year 2013 VB.Net, ASP.Net, Ado.Net, Year 2007 (BAU) . Human Resources and Personnel Management, Year 2008 (Cambridge academy). Customer Service and Team work, Year 2008 (Cambridge academy). Success skills, Injaz, Year 2007.


    Arabic Reading – Writing – speaking : Mother Tongue     English Reading – Writing : Very Good Speaking : Good

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