What does “Request Desktop Site” feature do?

First of all, where can I find it? This feature available in chrome browser mobile version, When viewing the mobile version of a site, open the menu and check the box located next to Request Desktop site. The Web page will automatically begin to reload in the background.

chrome - request desktop site

Actually I tried opening our responsive websites from mobile and enable this feature but without go to desktop version and after some searches I found how this feature works?


When you types www.domain.com on chrome for (iOS/Android), the website server will identify the user agent and redirect you to m.domain.com. And when you enable the “Request Desktop Site” at this point, it will change the user agent and correctly show http://www.domain.com.

However, if you type the m.domain.com directly, then check “Request Desktop Site” feature its will change the user agent but without change to desktop version, because the user intentionally asked for the mobile site, and you will show the checkbox by default checked.

Then, this feature works by switching the user agent (Adaptive sites), therefore what about the responsive website, actually I supposed it will change on viewport but in fact it doesn’t because the responsive sites serve the same content whatever screensize available but in different styles depend on viewport.


But why this feature important? Because the mobile website offered a limited amount of content that differed from desktop, but this feature solved for adaptive solution and I hope from browsers to support it for our responsive websites.


Finally, I found a solution to enable the responsive website to desktop version, check the following link:


But I don’t like to add any extra plugin/script and enforce me to add the requirements plugins.

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